Wallstabe & Schneider donates 3,000 euros to “Haus für das Leben”

Company is aware of its social responsibility
Jürgen Wallstabe, Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter bei Wallstabe & Schneider, überreicht den Spendenscheck an Dr. Regine Langer-Huber, Vorsitzende des Vereins „Haus für das Leben“.

The automotive supplier Wallstabe & Schneider supports the “Haus für das Leben” association with a donation of 3,000 euros. The Straubing institution, which includes the women’s shelter and the mother-child residential home, cares for women and children who have experienced violence.

Dr. Regine Langer-Huber, chairwoman of the association, came to Wallstabe & Schneider in Niederwinkling to personally receive the donation, which the association can put to good use. According to Dr. Langer-Huber, it is precisely in the current exceptional situation, in which families are much more at home, that psychological and physical violence against women and children is on the increase.

Jürgen Wallstabe, managing partner at seal manufacturer Wallstabe & Schneider, emphasized that the company is aware of its social responsibility: “We regularly support selected institutions in the region. We are very happy to support the beneficial work done at Haus für das Leben with a donation,” said Wallstabe.

Dr. Langer-Huber expressed her heartfelt thanks for the donation and the trust it represents. “I can guarantee that every cent will go where it is needed,” promised the association chairwoman. The 3,000 euros will be used primarily for the purchase of new furnishings and for necessary repairs in the women’s shelter. (ew)