5.600 Euro for children’s home Kostenz

Wallstabe & Schneider employees collected for Christmas
(v.l.) Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter Christian Wallstabe; Peter Reichart, Director HR; die Erziehungsleiter Martin Werner und Franz Raschof; Manuel Kammerl, stv. Betriebsratsvorsitzender; Marco Mohr, Betriebsratsvorsitzender und Technischer Geschäftsführer Kai Peters.

The traditional Christmas donation of the Niederwinkling-based automotive supplier Wallstabe & Schneider went this year to the St. Johannes children’s home in Kostenz. The willingness to donate was high among the employees, even during the difficult Corona period. 2,769.54 euros were collected, almost half of which came from overtime, which could be donated as well as cash. The management doubled this amount again and rounded it up, so that a total of 5,600 euros could be handed over to the children’s home in Kostenz.

The works council of Wallstabe & Schneider, as initiator and organizer of the donation campaign, made sure, as always, that the money would benefit a regional institution. Together with Managing Partner Christian Wallstabe, Technical Managing Director Kai Peters and Director HR Peter Reichart, Works Council Chairmen Marco Mohr and Manuel Kammerl handed over the donation to those responsible for the children’s home.

Martin Werner and Franz Raschof, both head of the children’s home in Kostenz, expressed their gratitude for the donation: “We receive a certain amount every year for the personal needs of our children, but this does not cover all costs by far,” explained Raschof. For example, the donation from Wallstabe & Schneider will be used to finance excursions and vacation camps, and to purchase sports and recreational equipment. (ew)